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How To Get A Greenlight Card

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How To Get A Greenlight Card. Greenlight® is the loved, trusted banking app¹ and debit card for kids and teens. Sign up online using these steps:

Greenlight Debit Card for Kids for iPhone & iPad App Info & Stats
Greenlight Debit Card for Kids for iPhone & iPad App Info & Stats from

And so, there’s no age limit whatsoever. How to open a greenlight debit card. How do i get the greenlight card?

There’s No Minimum Age Requirement For Children To Obtain A Greenlight Debit Card.

The greenlight debit card is a debit card for kids. All in all, getting a child a greenlight debit card could be a good experience and a helpful way to teach them how to earn, budget and save money. See greenlight terms of service for details.

Subject To Change At Any Time.

Set up your parent's wallet to fund the account. The minimum fund you can add via debit card is $20. Tap on “manage card” to open their card management page.

How Do I Get The Greenlight Card?

You start by going to the greenlight website. Choose i’m the parent or guardian. Investing involves risk and may include the loss of principal.

It’s Also Worth Mentioning That Adults Can Also Use The Card.

Only greenlight max families can earn 1% cash back on spending monthly. Select “add a debit card manually” in the greenlight app. You will need to enter the two withdrawal amounts that appear in your debit card account.

At This Time, It’s Unclear What.

Although the greenlight card is in your kid’s hands, you’re still officially the primary cardholder. Add up to 5 children per account. Information you enter is verified.

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