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Gmc Acadia Remote Start Not Working

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Gmc Acadia Remote Start Not Working. Then off, back again and now the remote start doesn't work. I have a 2008 gmc acadia with 108,000.

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As a safety precaution, the remote start system is fully disabled while hazard lights are on. My remote start on my 2008 gmc truck stopped working and i noticed the check engine light is on. The remote start does work again.

Your Remote Start Will Only Run For 10 Minutes At A Time.

Firmly open and close the hood before repeating step #1. No warning lights, hood is closed, doors are closed and all the fuses are good. Press and release the button that looks like a padlock.

My Acadia Will Not Start.

Insert key into ignition and turn the ignition to on/acc (just shy of cranking engine). 2009 gmc acadia remote start. This is the same process for a c.

You May Have To Hold The Remote Start Button For Up To 5 Seconds.

You can try starting your acadia with its second key. If your remote has an led that illuminates when you push a button. Let’s explore them, and how to remedy the problems.

Then Press The Lock Button And Then Hold Down The Remote Start Button For At Least 2 Seconds.

How to start gmc acadia with dead key fob battery. This makes the owner aware an issue exists, in case the cel is overlooked, and create an inconvenience if ignored. The situations of a disabled remote start are explained in the owners manual, and have been in place since at least 2008, when i had it on my 1st 2000+ new vehicle purchase.

Hood Pin Switches Or Sensors.

You may remotely start it again or continue the cycle by pressing the remote start button again while it. We are not happy with our “command start” function. If it’s safe to do so, turn off your hazard lights and retry step #1.

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